Is upselling important to my hospitality properties bottom line?

Will I offend my customers if I try to upsell them?

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In today’s podcast we are going to look at upselling.


So let’s start with the basics. What is upselling?


Upselling is a sales technique whereby a vendor gets the customer to purchase costlier items, upgrades, or extra additions in an endeavour to make a more profitable sale and this should not be looked at negatively.


Yes, it is defiantly a tool that should be used for increasing profits, but also a means of increasing your customer’s satisfaction.


So what do you need to know about upselling?


You have to have the right people to help you sell. If you could clone yourself and be on site 24/7, you would have no problems. You know your product and could upsell to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so you have to choose your team wisely.


Manual skills can be taught, cleaning rooms, setting up a restaurant, moving luggage or taking a reservation.


It is a lot harder to teach someone to be welcoming, to think on their feet, or to stay relaxed when things get crazy. You want employees, who are sincere, convey confidence and values. It is this type of staff you want upselling for you.


You have to have structure and guidelines for your employees to follow for all situations. This will provide consistency for your customers and instill confidence in your staff.


Train your team how to upsell. How should you do this?


Make sure your staff knows all your services and products available. With this knowledge, they will become an authority for your business, and will be better equipped if they see any chances for a sale.


They have to know all about your property and by this I mean, the facilities, rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant (including menu options), and all features and where there is flexibility. They should also know what is available off property; local amenities, attractions, and how to get there.  You have to ensure they are aware of everything on your website, promotions and offers.


Give them the time and let them experience everything you offer to your customers. This can be a win. It is a treat for your staff and it will be much easier to recommend a product or service if they have first-hand knowledge.


Help them to recognize what to sell and when it is appropriate to do so.


If you have a client that has just come off an overnight flight that is 4 hours late, you probably don’t want to try to sell them a round of golf.


Or a young family with children probably would not be very interested in a candlelight dinner.


It is important to know your clients.


If you have a strategic booking system in place, and are able to keep track of your customers past and current information; for example the type of room they prefer, or their favourite coffee; you are in a better position to gain their trust and confidence and upsell.


It’s very crucial to remember that upselling isn’t about selling the big ticket service or product. It’s about selling the most appropriate one to meet your customer’s wishes.


“Shifting from buying stuff to buying experiences, and from spending on yourself to spending on others, can have a dramatic impact on happiness.” – Elizabeth Dunn


We are going to continue our discussion on upselling next week.


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