What is the KeystoneHDC Video Series? 

This video will explain who will benefit from this brand new video series

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Why is KeystoneHDC focusing on independent hospitality properties? Most do not have the benefit of a hotel chains or management corporations experience when operating their property.

These videos are designed for both Independent Hotels Development and Bed & Breakfasts Development with ideas and methods that could save you countless working hours, money and stress.

We understand that most property owners do not have the luxury to sit in front of their computers for an hour to an hour and a half at a time watching videos, so for that reason we are going to try to keep our videos short, between 3 – 5 minutes long, and release them once a week on Sundays.

In most cases they will be in both video and audio for so you can watch them at your leisure or upload them to smartphone, MP3 or iPod.

We plan to cover a variety of topics including:

♦ Hiring and retention of great employees

♦ Customer service

♦ Designing and setting up your properties business structure

♦ Marketing

♦ Social Media

Just to name a few.

We have received interest from the four corners of the world and for that reason all the videos will be produced in English.

I should tell you up front, if you are looking for quick fixes for any problems you might have with your property, you may find them here, but in most cases, a smooth operating property is that way because of dedication and a lot of work up front.

Our goal is show how with some short-term pain you will have long-term gain.

These videos are for you and your Independent Hotels Development or Bed & Breakfasts Developmentso please share any questions or feedback you have to KeystoneHDC in the comments section.


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Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

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