Do you own an Independent Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Inns, Resort, Cottages, etc?

Do you feel like you’re giving your guests the best experience possible?

Do you feel at the end of the day that you are operating your property as effectively as possible?


The post this week is going to be very short because I want to ask a question.


I have of seen the hospitality property industry from many sides. I ran a hotel for two years, travelled the world as a tour director, tour operator (staying in hospitality properties of all shapes, sizes and classes), trainer and did site inspections for some of the largest and best tour & travel companies on the planet.


Over the past couple of decades I have seen many wonderful properties that I felt privileged to stay. I have also visited properties at the other end of the spectrum. I have heard reasons for a poor performance that have ranged from a bad economy to staff that did not listen.


Now the question:


I am curious to find out what owners of hospitality properties (hotels, inns, resorts, bed & breakfasts, cottages, etc.) think is the most important aspect of operating their operation successfully.


Feel free to keep your answer short or as detailed as you would like and in the next post I will share the results.


I look forward to hearing from you.


If you have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section or visit our website


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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