Are you working eighty to a hundred hours a week?

Is the idea of taking a normal vacation just a dream?

Would you like to be more productive but don’t have the time?

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In this video we are going to look at 4 ways you can begin to streamline your hospitality property and take back your life.

Number #1 …

  1. Automate everything you can

Determine any jobs or responsibilities that can be automated to electronic or computer-based operation.

For example:

I knew a hotel owner who used to print a map and draw directions to the airport for every guest who asked. Since his property was very popular to flying travellers this request would happen quite often. To print and draw would take approx 5 minutes and if only 12 people a day asked for that information, one hour of his day was lost. He now has an interactive program on a computer that with one click of a button, it gives a route description and a map is printed. This saves his time and effort while giving his customers quicker and a more efficient service.


  1. Hire an assistant or general manager.

For a quick and easy way to dramatically cut your hours, hire an assistant or GM. This can be done on a part or full time bases. It may seem like an expense that you cannot justify but consider the time that will immediately open up on your schedule. This is time you can spend to make other improvements and increase your revenue.

To save some money you may consider less experienced GM professionals coming out of school as a more cost-effective option.


  1. Delegate

Don’t sell your staff short; use the people you now have. Most often hospitality property staff are young, and eager for more responsibility. Document all the daily activities in a step by step fashion. This is a process we have talked about before in episode #4 “Setting Up You Properties Organizational Structure”. Determine what can be delegated and give them to your staff. Here you can showcase your leadership ability and you might be surprised at the great results your staff can produce.

Make sure you give them the tools they need to do their job. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, front desk computers, all should be working properly to make the work goes as smoothly as possible. Less stress makes for happier employees, which makes for happier customers, which will make you happier.

You get the idea.


  1. Use organizing tools

Some of my favourites include Google Drive and Google Calendar. I use these to share documents and schedules with employees and this is a free service.

If you are away from your property you can run your business from anywhere with web-based and cloud solutions. These are defiantly worth researching.

There are systems that will let your customers check in and out, access online mail, check for messages, and view maps of the area. They can also get up-to-date weather, and flight information, order room-service or book restaurant reservations or tours, all from the privacy of their hotel room.


“When you come to a fork in the road….take it” – Yogi Berra 


That’s a look at some ways you can streamline your property and take back your life…

If you have any interesting stories about streamlining your property and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.


A pdf of each episode can also be found in the show notes at our website.


Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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