Staff Training for your Hotel

Is a staff training a priority in your organization?

Do you have a training procedure in place for new staff?

Do you offer on-going training for your current staff?


Nothing affects customer loyalty more than the actions and capabilities of employees, so it is extremely important to have a strategy in place to improve the single most important resource and your business: your people. Proper staff training is the most efficient way to share the correct actions and skills that will keep guests coming back.


Basically, deciding what to train is very easy.  Consider what skills are needed for your staff to efficiently serve your guests, in teach them how to do them.


Okay, this may be easier said than done.


Quite often, many owners and managers will revert back to the old days when they were trained.  Even though their intentions might have been good, often properties design training systems that are both bewildering and destined to fail.  This is why it is important when designing the training program to keep it simple and in line with your guests expeditions.


So, where to start?



There are numerous subjects on which staff can be trained at your first focus should be to strengthen their ability to apply knowledge and skills in a job situation that will drive customer loyalty.


Here are 8 staff training subjects the hospitality properties should consider:


1.   Before opening the doors and inviting in your first guests, as a hospitality property owner, you should have decided on why you wanted to do this and how you’re going to do this. This has to come from the top in clear and no uncertain terms so it is understood by all staff.

This is your business is a mission and strategy.

Your strategy is how your company is going to deliver on its mission and this should not be a secret.

Your staff training can be designed to incorporate your strategies into the day-to-day operation so clearly focuses on your customers in their expectations.

Staff Training -Idea-Action-Plan2.   Exhibiting a professional attitude and appearance does not seem to be a priority for many businesses these days. Have you ever been put off by the attitude or appearance of somebody who was supposed to serve you? Unfortunately, this can happen most days.

Disinterested and/or untidy staff can be among the greatest liabilities.

This can be rectified with teaching clear guidelines. Don’t leave it up to individuals, give them clear rules for dress and behaviour and enforce the rules consistently for all members of your property.


3.   Customers are going to complain, it is the nature of the beast. It is your responsibility to ensure that all customer complaints are handled quickly and efficiently by your staff. And your guests will get upset with staff who do not how to handle their issues.  Staff should be trained in situations that could arise, the options, had a record the complaint and follow-up.

By not giving your staff the tools and the ability to deal with complaints can make a bad situation worse.  With proper training, problems can be defused and customer loyalty built.


4.   Communication is one of the weakest abilities within many businesses. This weakness can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. When staff can’t communicate clearly, problems will happen: customer requests are lost, messages are confusing, information is not understood and people will get irritated. It is not possible to create customer loyalty when you or your staff cannot communicate efficiently.

Staff need training on the different types of communication:

Staff Training Communications

  • The ability to listen: this can be a major problem in most organisations. People like to talk but few like to listen.  You need to teach and have them practice to listen and really understanding what is being said.  This is positively key to any operation.
  • The way somebody stands, sits and moves can express much more than his/her words. Training should include guidance on proper nonverbal communication.
  • Although all the English language is constantly evolving, guidelines should be in place with the appropriate terminology and how staff should speak. Always avoid slang, off-colour humour, derogatory remarks, profanity, and political rants.
  • Give your staff plenty of opportunities to practice to writing skills and don’t hesitate to give constructive feedback. In this age of social media and texts proper written communication is going by the wayside.  Written correspondence should be carefully constructed, detailed but to the point.


5.   Train how to manage time.  Poor time management means your guests may not be served, and tasks will go uncompleted.

Some of the keys to training time management include planning each day in advance, prioritizing tasks, ensuring meetings are brief and timely, and work on avoiding distractions. Unlimited internet surfing, talking with friends on the telephone, or any other non-work-related temptations should be controlled. A bit of oversight will go a long way.


6.   Spend time with your staff on problem solving. Customer as they come with problems and at times the root cause may not be obvious. This type of analysis does not come naturally to most people in should be practiced

Staff Training Problem solving

7.   Immoral conduct can destroy a properties reputation. Most customers don’t want to associate with businesses that don’t play within the rules.

Staff Training should include specific guidelines on ethical practices, with examples that staff can relate to. Ethical behaviour should be from the top down and modelled in the day-to-day operation.  If management does not practice what they preach any ethical training can be undone.


8.   Listen to your staff and give them ways to communicate any ideas to how to improve your operation. Make sure they think about improvements from the perspective of your guests.


Remember, this is your business and it is up to you to ensure it is running as professionally and effectively as possible.
If you have a training strategy and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section or visit our website


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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