Are there easy ways to encourage my customers to come back?

Are there inexpensive ways to help my customers remember us?

In today’s podcast we are going to look at some ways you can reward your customers and increase the loyalty.

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So let jump right into this.

You want to build rapport with your customers and by that I mean get to know your customers personally. To do this you have to be visible in your property.  If you build rapport, you can build trust, and by building trust you can find out what you customers are thinking and to upsell. It is important to be friendly but not intrusive.


Get as much feedback from your customers as possible by talking to them every chance you get. Listen to the good and the bad, analyse it, learn from it and act on it. This is important whether you agree with it or not.


Do things of high value but of low cost for your customers. When you do something unexpected, customers will remember and it will give them a reason to talk about you.


You want to build your customer base so ask for referrals. If your customers are happy with what you offer, they will be more than happy to share this info with their friends. An idea might be to create a simple referral form that you can attach to the guest’s bill. It is alright to offer incentives if they give you names.


Send thank you notes to all your customers after their stay. This will give them another way to remember you.


Offer your guests free upgrades when available. By giving people a taste for your best offers, services and products can you encourage them to upgrade at their own expense next time around. Doing this is also a wonderful way to get testimonials and referrals.


Offer gift vouchers. They are easy to product, can be sold at your property or online. They are also a great way to increase your cash flow.


Give your customers choice. Now you don’t have to have a zillion different options, but a few can make a huge difference. For example, offer a choice or rooms, upgrade choices and the ability to extended check out times.


If you have a dining area, area mix and match the menu and offer different potion sizes.


You might be thinking, I have systems and standards in place, and that is important but it is okay to be flexible. Don’t be bound by rules at the expense of guests needs.


A growing number of people have food allergies and intolerance, have a procedure in place to find this out ahead of time and cater for special diets and needs.  If you let your customers know this when they ahead of time or when they arrive, the chances of them staying with you to eat instead of going elsewhere will greatly increase.


Your customers are not always right, you just have to let the think they are.



Okay this was a look at a few ways you can reward your customers.


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Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

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