I last posted an article called the “Write About Things You Know Nothing About & Be an Authority”. That was just the beginning.

It was about how to attract guests to your property by using a blog; highlighting the best of what you & your region have to offer all the while sounding like an authority.


In the post I reviewed ideas of the type of things you could write about:

  • About you
  • Your hospitality properties history
  • The region’s history
  • Local attractions
  • Local delicacies
  • Specialised shops in your area
  • Write about things that interest your guests, etc.


I also looked at ways to research and write about items you might not be as well versed in.

  • To make sure your content is not boring content.
  • You should be writing for your customers and not your brand.
  • If possible find topics that offer strong opinions.
  • When choosing a topic to your property.
  • Use keyword searches to help.
  • Giveaway great advice.
  • What you like about your region?
  • About what your guests enjoyed about their stay.


I didn’t want to leave you thinking these were the only things to consider when doing research, so in this post I will share a few more ideas.


  1. Do you know why you started or bought your Hotel, Inn, Bed & Breakfast or Resort?

This is actually a necessity. WHY does your company do what they do? If you don’t know WHY you have your property, then how can you justify asking people to spend money to stay with you.


When you understand your ‘why’, you have a lot of options to write about for your ‘what’. If you don’t know, continue to ask until you filter down to the core reason. You do not have a hospitality property just because you like strangers in your place – you have it to solve a problem for your customer, to make their lives better.


  1. Research is crucial to building a successful overall content strategy, and that strategy includes promotion.

Hospitality property owners should not ignore the earned media, sharing interesting stories with journalists. If you have information that is press worthy, write about it to your customers.


  1. Become a writing idea- stasher.

Jot down 5 ideas a day and to gain confidence try-out writing tools like Grammarly and ILYS.


  1. Share content that your followers will feel required to share on their social media platforms.

Do this by making your audience look good in front of their followers when they share.

Keep your writing centered on an idea that matters to your followers. Don’t give them that reason not to read.


  1. Create content that shortens the booking process by aligning it with key questions.


Answer your customer’s questions in your posts. For example:

  • What problem does it solve?
  • Why do I need it?
  • What are the likely results of using your property?

Answering these 3 questions in your content and it will help motivate customers to book.


  1. The technology is easier today than it has ever been, so use super-short videos that deliver your message.

Four times as many people would rather watch a video about a property than read about it.


Slowing down and be deliberate when writing to your customers. Show empathy with your customers and ask them why they why they would care about your property or service.

Remember to create customer-centered content, not brand-centered content.


  1. “Killer content doesn’t need to be glib, spicy, or polished,”


You don’t have to post every day but when you do post make sure is geared to your target audience and it is helpful.


  1. Conquer the force of no.

It is very easy to become disillusioned when writing with the feeling “No one cares or it is a waste of time”. If you have a great product, believe in yourself, your property and never give up.


If you have not read it yet or have forgotten some of the other tips in the ”Write About Things You Know Nothing About & Be an Authority” post, I highly recommend you go back and check it out.


Okay! Now you’re done!


As I had mentioned in the last post, writing is a great way to get exposure to new ideas, learn about your region, and get connected with people you otherwise might not. If do consistently and with pride, it cannot help but grow your business.
If you have any stories about writing posts, using a blog or about being an authority and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section.


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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