Making your guests stay memorable, should be your priority. Here are things I would like to see in the perfect hospitality property room.

Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.

Last week we looked at “What the Perfect Hospitality Property Room Should Include”. This week I am going to continue with that list.




A Choice of Pillows

We all have our own tastes: some of us like hard pillows, some like soft pillows, like big pillows, and some like small pillows. Being able to choose the style that best suits you can turn an alright sleep into a great sleep.


One type of pillow you should not have is the little decorative pillows. Many owners feel that a nice way to add a splash of colour to the room is to display decorative pillows. You can’t wash a decorative pillow. And those pillows, that have been sitting there since the day they were put in the room, have been handled by many germ-covered hands, have been thrown around the room or tossed on the floor, or what. If you do want decorative pillows but the ones with the washable cover and leave the little pillows home.


Free Parking

Should be included in the price of the room.


Keyless Room Entry-No more losing keys!
It is so frustrating after lugging luggage to my room only to find the key does not work.


Door Alarm

I don’t mean a high ear piercing alarm but one loud enough to alert me if someone is trying to get in.


Lights You Can Turn On & Off

The hardest thing about many hotel rooms is how to turn on and off lights!


Soundproof Walls & Windows

I am not interested in hearing what my neighbour is watching on TV or the sound of garbage trucks outside.


Secure Safe

With batteries that actually work, and don’t lose their juice the first day with my money and camera inside.



Many hospitality property rooms are notoriously dry. A humidifier should be mandatory.


Smart Phones or Tablets

To Call Front Desk/Concierge and with a room service menu that doesn’t take 20 clicks to navigate.


Underlit Bed

I have stayed in countless hospitality property rooms over the past couple of decades and I can’t count how many times I have woken up and not had a clue where the bathroom was. A soft light, from under the bed would have saved me many a stubbed toe or accidentally wandering into the closet.


Smart Sleeping Companion

One of your main goals as a hospitality property owner should be that your guests get a great night sleep. Smart sleeping companions are full of sensors that record everything about your sleep and lets you know all there is to know about your room’s temperature, humidity, or air quality. It also has ambient sounds that help you fall asleep faster.


Simple Alarm Clock

When I’m tired, I don’t want to have to disassemble or assemble a clock to try to figure out how it works.


Shampooed Rugs (you would think this is a no-brainer)

I sometimes like walking barefoot, but I don’t like being grossed at the thought of walking on some carpets I have seen.


Heated Slippers

This is for my wife. Not a big fan of cold feet.


Free Non-Alcohol Minibar Included

Very small investment and leave a huge impression.


A Decent Breakfast

If you offer breakfast on your property, make sure it is substantial. I don’t have a problem paying a little extra for a good meal. If you don’t offer breakfast, work out a deal with a local restaurant and offer your guests a discount.


Reasonably Priced Laundry

You really don’t have to charge $10 to wash undergarments.


A TV Channel List Card

So simple, and saves my time when I’m trying to find out the score.



I feel most travellers like to know their surroundings, and I like people watching and gazing at street life from my room’s window or balcony so a good pair of binoculars is a plus.



In conclusion

From binoculars to the pillow, I don’t feel that any of these items are too extreme for most properties and could go a long way to generate positive reviews and return business.


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