I’m going to take WOWing your guests to a new level by sharing the things that would the perfect hospitality property room.

Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.

I am your instructor, Gerry MacPherson and this week I am going to look at What the Perfect Hospitality Property Room Should Include.



Last year I wrote a podcast, 8 Ways to WOW Your Guests that received a lot of positive feedback.


In this podcast, I’m going to take WOWing your guests to a new level. I’m going to share with you the things for me, that would be in the perfect hospitality property room.


To begin with, there are a few things every hospitality property room should have as standard.

  • Be clean
  • A firm comfortable bed
  • Clean linen
  • A good, free, Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Personalized A/C and heating (That is easy to use)
  • Running water
  • Coffee maker (and supplies)
  • Lots of Power outlets (Including next to the bed)
  • Free Bottled Water – It is important to stay hydrated when travelling, and impossible to do without bottled water.


You might be thinking, “Many of these things go without saying” but often that is not the case.


The following items are items that if you don’t have, you may want to consider.



Blackout drapes

One thing I’m unwilling to compromise on in a guest room is blackout drapes.


This is important especially if you are catering to people who travel long distances or from different time zones. Even if you’re not travelling far, sleeping in a new place can throw a guest off, so having a dark, undisturbed place to sleep is a good way to make sure they get the rest they need.



Smart LED light bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs, bring smart lighting to the masses with an affordable bulb that’s simple to set up and control and casts a very pleasant white light.



A proper desk

This is one of the first things I check for in a hospitality property room.


I write a lot when I travel and there are times I don’t feel like going out to eat so, having a desk to work on my laptop or to eat a bowl of soup should be an option. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but one where I could feel comfortable spending a few hours.



Universal charger

If you’re anything like me, you have probably left the charger or two at a property and did not realise it until your next check-in. There’s nothing worse than your phone dying and no way to top it off.



A decent luggage rack

As the years carry on, I have noticed my back really appreciates a decent luggage rack. The constant bending is not as much fun as it used to be in the past.


Another reason to invest in luggage racks is to give your guests peace of mind when it comes to little creatures crawling into their bags.



Abundant hangers

I pack light, but I still like to bring some nice things along with me and like to hang them up so they don’t get wrinkled. A good rule of thumb is six wooden hangers per guest, per room. User-friendly hangers, not the ones that are attached to the bar.


Most people are not going to steal your old hangers.



Iron & Ironing Board

So I don’t have to always hang shirts in the shower.



Better Do Not Disturb Signs

We all like our privacy when we travel, and one of the simplest yet most integral parts of the hotel experience is that “do not disturb” sign.


How often have you found a ragged, frayed or ripped sign hanging on your door? I have been known, after a long day, to hang the wrong side up. It kind of defeats the purpose.


One minor innovation I have seen is the electronic “do not disturb” sign where you can just hit a button and it illuminates a red light on your door that lets the staff know you want your privacy.



A spacious bathroom and if there are space restrictions, places for essentials

I just spent a few days on a property that no place to hang a towel and only a little shelf for my toothbrush. I had to leave my bag of toiletries on the floor.


A decent designer could easily correct this issue.



A shower that doesn’t take advanced calculus to figure out how to work

I am a big fan of technology but I don’t want to need a doctorate in physics to be able to take a shower.


Personally, I’m an old-school, one knob for cold water and one for hot and you turn them to adjust the pressure and balance of temperature.



A showerhead with wireless speaker

I do enjoy multi-tasking and being able to listen to a podcast or the news while showering is great.



Bathroom Doors That Actually Close

A huge trend in hospitality property bathrooms for the past several years has been the peek in bathroom with only a window (sometimes with glass and sometimes without!) separating it from the main room.  I don’t care how close you are to the person you’re sharing a room with, or even if you’re travelling alone, you need a little separation and privacy.



Clean, fluffy towels

Nothing worse than grabbing a towel after a shower to find it is too thin to absorb any moister or that it has some strange spots.



Toothbrush and toothpaste

I am a trained traveller but on a rare occasion, I have forgotten a toothbrush and toothpaste. On those instances, it would be such a nice surprise to find a mini travel kit in my hotel room when I arrived.



No Slip Shower Mats

Hotel showers can be potential death traps! Look at the investment as anti-lawsuit protection.




Robes are nice! And can be great for branding if made available for sale.



Hair Dryer

One of the first things my wife looks for in a room.


There is more to add but I’m going to stop this podcast here and pick it up next week.


If you have any stories about What the Perfect Hospitality Property Room Should Include and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.



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That’s it for this session of hospitality property school.

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