How to use Pinterest to display your hospitality properties personality, values and the best you have to offer.

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I am your instructor, Gerry MacPherson and today, I’m going talk about Using Pinterest for Your Hospitality Property



Pinterest was among the most popular social networks in 2015 with it increasing their user base by 97%.



So what is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest it is a collection of pictures that show up on a board.


The pictures or images are called “pins” which are visual bookmarks. All the images uploaded can link back to their original location. This allows many people to share the same pin or image with their own commentary while still linking back to the original content.


So, if you upload a pin of your hospitality property and it gets repined, it will still link back to your website.


It’s important to get to know your audience as there are many imaginative ways to organize and share boards. Users have the option to follow you or follow specific boards that pertain to their individual interests.


How to Create a Pinterest Strategy for Your Hospitality Property


Boards About Your Hotel

First, create boards that are directly related to your hospitality property and destination. Name your first board after your property.


Fill your property board with images from your website and any other images from the photo shoot. Photos do best when they are clear and bright, so make sure to upload only quality images.



Boards About Your Region

Second, create a board that focuses on your property’s region. You could showcase information on the most popular local attractions, restaurants, etc.



Hotel Details Board

Next, get specific about your property. Create boards for your restaurant, bar, spa, gift shop, any specials you offer.



More Ideas

Now, create boards that showcase what makes your property different.

  • Architecture
  • History
  • A wedding destination
  • Family getaway
  • Boards where guest can contribute


Create a Business Account

You’ll want to create a business accounts for your property, it let you create ads, while personal accounts do not.


Pinterest has an entire business tools page to help you navigate your business account. They offer brand guidelines, analytics help, among many other tools.



Use Google Analytics

You can use tools like Google Analytics to understand the things your guests are interested in. This will help you come up with content ideas for your Pinterest boards. It will take a few weeks for Google to gather useful information.


Once it has collected enough data, you can find audience information inside. After logging in, you can click audience on the left-hand panel. You can get information such as age, gender, and interests.


If you need help, Pinterest offers great getting started guides for businesses to get them started. They highlight what you should pin to give the best experience, how to curate and inspire your audience.



Show What Inspires You

Take your pins beyond your products. For travel, this could mean showcasing travel destinations that have inspired your hospitality property. Hospitality brands, more than anything, are inspired by your love of culture and travel.



Curate Your Collection

Pinterest’s suggests beautiful images to specific boards. Topic-focused boards do better than general boards. Users like to know exactly what they should expect from following any given board.



Authenticity Matters     

Your Pinterest should be used to display your brand’s personality and values. Showcase what you’re all about and drop what you’re not. Hospitality brands are often fueled by passion, so focus on how and what got you to this point. Don’t try to be anything you’re not and focus on what matters to your guests.




Pinterest can be a lot of fun and their algorithm is formidable, making the experience new and different every time.


There are many travellers on Pinterest and they are looking to be inspired. Your property can be the inspiration for them to a book a trip to stay with you and visit your destination. If you are using Pinterest correctly, it can be a significant source of traffic to your website, a source of bookings and increased profits.


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