If you operate any type of hospitality property, you should know your number one priority for success is – Great Customer Service.

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Today, I’m going to take a look at great customer service.



If you operate any type of hospitality property, your number one priority for success is great customer service.


Great customer service is an essential aspect of a hospitality industry. The level of service you offer can make or break your hotel, resort, inn or bed & breakfast, so it is imperative that you fine-tune your policies until you hit near-perfection.


If you don’t, you will lose potential and repeat guests.


“Social media raises the stakes for customer service”.


In the old days, if a guest or customer was happy with your service they would tell 3 people. If not, they would tell eleven people. Today, with the advent of social media. If someone is not happy with an aspect of your service, within day tens or even hundreds of thousands could see this on their timeline.


Hospitality property owner/managers need to instil best practices for their employees to follow.


By understanding the following best practices, you and your employees will ensure your customer service reaches a standard that’s not only acceptable to the general public but will also confirm your status of a quality establishment.


Begin with a warm welcome


First impressions are everything.


The first step you need to master and to teach your employees is the appropriate customer greeting. This will be your guest’s first face-to-face contact and could set the tone for their overall experience. A good welcome needs to be warm, polite and informed but not fake. If the greeting is overbearing or suffocating it could make a guest feel uncomfortable. It is really important to find a healthy balance, so your guests walk away from the check-in more content and happier than when they arrived.


In a past episode, I talked about the importance of hiring the right staff. If you would like to refresh your mind then visit How to Interview for Great Employees.



Keep your employees happy

I have seen way too often hospitality property owners/managers focus on the little things and disregard their staff. A guest can easily determine if your staff are not happy and this will most often reflect on their desire to return. By keeping your staff happy, it will help generate a better atmosphere make them feel more at ease and at home, thereby giving them a better experience.


Ways this can be accomplished is by ongoing training, rewarding great work and empowering them to make frontline decisions.



Surpass your guest’s wants and expectations

We all know that the hospitality property industry can be very competitive and by meeting your guest’s needs is not always enough. In order to stay ahead of your competition, you must strive to give your guests the WOW factor.


You must exceed their expectations with little touches that will elevate you to a higher level of customer service



Constantly take feedback

A hospitality property that is willing to accept feedback & criticism and then use these remarks to improve is definitely serious about maintaining great customer satisfaction. This to work, you have to make available ways for your guests to speak to you either through, online reviews, surveys or questionnaires. You have to be able to look at any criticism objectively and be willing to implement changes as necessary.



Conclude your guest’s stay with a warm send-off

‘All good things must come to the end’ – that is what your guest to be thinking when it comes to leaving. And what better way to say goodbye is than with a fond farewell? A sincere goodbye will last in the minds of your departing guests and if done right, will only leave a positive impression of your property. Use your guest name, offered in your hand and treat them as if it was your family that was leaving.


Undoubtedly, customer service is of fundamental importance to the hospitality industry and should be specific to your hospitality property.


The level of service your guests receive could make or break your business and cannot be ignored.




In the next podcast, I’ll share 8 stories about great customer service.


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