Hospitality properties can increase their credibility by having an environmental policy review and environmental policy statement.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school.

Today, I’m going to talk about your hospitality properties Environmental Policy Review.



Over the course of these podcasts, I have referred to the importance of a property operations manual many times. In fact, I honestly believe that you cannot have an efficient business without an operations manual.


If you want your hospitality property to be competitive, one section that defiantly has to be included in your manual is your environmental policy.


In our last podcast, I talked about ways you could make your property green. Today, I am going to look at some of the specifics you may want to include in your policy.



Your Environmental Policy should have different categories with actions included under each.


For example:

 Environmental Policy ReviewEnvironmental Policy Review



*You should also write an environmental policy statement for your property and include it in your guest’s information package, on your menu and posted in your lobby.



At (your hospitality property name), we operate to high standards of performance and promote socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. Our aim is to bring a positive benefit to the societies in which we operate through high-quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment. In order to adhere to these principles, we endeavour to:

  • Set sound environmental and social objectives and targets, and integrate a process of review and reporting.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations.
  • Continuously improve environmental performance and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
  • Create environmental awareness among our employees, customers, suppliers and the community.


And here you could add in specific goals for waste, water, energy, conservation, community involvement, purchasing.


Environmental Policy Review PDF Download


In Conclusion

Your environmental policy should be written and included in your operations manual. It will need to have different categories with actions included under each.

If your property is already environmentally aware, good for you.  If not or you’re in the development stage, I hope today’s podcast has given you a little motivation.

To see a sample of a full environmental policy review visit the post of today’s podcast. I have also included a downloadable pdf for you to use.


You can find them at:


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