The world of marketing is increasingly visual, & with sites like Pinterest and Instagram growing fast, choosing your visual branding is imperative.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school.

Today we are going to talk about choosing your hospitality properties visual branding. 



The new world of marketing is increasingly visual, so it is no surprise that social network sites like Pinterest and Instagram are growing fast.


So, how can you, as a hospitality property owner influence an increasingly visual social atmosphere?


By applying a strong visual branding strategy for your property on social media.

Visual branding on social media refers to what your content looks like; images of your property, your profile picture, and your cover photo. Excellent visuals on social media platforms are important because the human brain is wired to read and understand images better and faster than words and visual content increases social interaction.


According to a Socialbakers study, images on Facebook constitute 93% of the most engaging posts compared with status updates and links?



So what do we have to do?

There are four key components to help improve your visual branding social media success. In this video, we will look at the first two.


  • consistent colours
  • fonts


I’ll talk about these components and you’ll see some examples.


Consistent colours

Take a look at any well-known company brand and you’ll see them use the same colours in all their marketing; in their logo, text and images. It is OK for you to use the same techniques.


When deciding on your visual branding, take 2 to 4 colours and use them through all your social media and marketing. By using the same colours over and over again, customers will become familiar with your properties brand.


Colour plays a huge role in influencing what we do and purchase because we are visual creatures so the colours you pick should reflect your properties brand.

Once you pick your colours, you should know their colour code or “hex code”.


If you are not sure what it is, visit, find your colour on the html color picker” and your hex code will show the hash mark symbol.


By knowing your hex codes and using them in all your marketing and social media, you will be able to use the same colours over and over again.



Pick fonts that match your properties personality

When deciding on your properties fonts, choose ones that reflect your properties image and personality.  A boutique hotel owner would probably not want the same font styling’s as a hunting lodge.


Think about choosing three fonts for your brand and using them consistently throughout your marketing:

  • a font for your title/heading
  • a font for your subtitles
  • a font for your body text


Your title/heading font would be your designs largest font and the one with the most personality and your subtitle and body fonts should be easy to read.


If you would like to get some ideas we have included a pairing font guide.


Alright, you have an idea how to design your properties visual branding, let’s move on to images.


That’s it for today’s session but there are lots to think about.


If you have any interesting stories about choosing your visual branding and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes at.


That’s it for this session of hospitality property school.


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So, as always, let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.



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