Unproductive or poor employees can be a detriment to your business but firing an employee can be difficult. Here are tips to do it professionally, gracefully and safely.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school.

Today we are going to talk about how to fire an employee.

If you’re a hospitality property owner or manager and you’re having a problem with an employee, you have two choices:

You can try to work with them and help them improve their performance or fire them.

Firing someone is not a decision you can take lightly. The cost of turning over an employee can be high; it could cause your employee emotional and financial stress; it could cause distress to your other employees; depending what country are in, it could open you up to lawsuits but unfortunately, there are times when this is your only option.


When firing someone it should be done professionally, gracefully and safely.

Before you fire someone:

  • As soon as you know there’s a problem, act quickly.
  • Sit down with your employee and discuss the problem. Ask them what they think is the cause and if possible offer suggestions for improvement.
  • While it is your business and you have to consider your bottom line and the effect an unproductive employee would have on the rest of your staff, you should consider their personal situation.
  • Make sure to have a policy in your Operations Manual explaining grounds for termination and go over it with the employee.
  • Document your conversations.
  • Give them a plan of action and a timeline for specific improvements or changes required in order for them to keep their job.
  • Set up a timeline. Not all problems can be solved as fast as we would like, but a timeline and goals with deadlines will help you see if there’s any improvement, or not.
  • If improvement is not shown, make it clear to the employee that termination is the next step.


If the time comes when you have to fire your employee.

  • Do it privately.
  • Get to the point immediately.


If you have followed all the steps leading to this meeting, the employee should not be surprised.

Thank them for the work they performed well, and wish them luck in their future endeavours.

Be ready in case they get upset. Stay professional but don’t hesitate, call for help and police if needed.

It is hard to fire someone, especially if you know they need the job. But you have to remember, this is your business and you have to be responsible to your guests and your other employees.


That is our time for today.


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