Great customer service is not a priority with many hospitality properties. Practice these few easy steps and crush your competition.

Welcome to another addition of hospitality property school.

I’m your host Gerry MacPherson and in our last podcast, we talked about the downside of not offering great customer service and effective booking procedures.



Today we are going to talk about customer service when your guests arrive, during their stay and when they depart.


First impressions are crucial.


When your guests arrive for Check‐in

  • Have a well-lit parking and entrance for guests
  • Special service for arrival during bad weather
  • When greeting, use guest‘s name for welcome
  • Offer an uncomplicated, fast check-In
  • Short info-briefing (where, what, when?)
  • Luggage service (if applicable)
  • Wish a nice stay
  • Glasses cleaning cloth, tissues at the reception counter
  • Welcome drink
  • Corner with information about the region and small snacks (local favourites such as in-season fruit, if possible)


The Lobby

  • Warm, comfortable ambience; welcoming impression with a light pleasant fragrance (one of the best memory triggers is smell)
  • Tidy reception
  • Helpful signage


The Room

  • Tidy & sanitised
  • Reasonable room temperature
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Hot water
  • Calmness, no disturbing noise
  • Fresh air, non-smoking
  • Briefing packs for guests


During Your Guests Stay these are extras you could consider

  • Personal wake-up service with up-to-date newsletter or information about the weather
  • Pillow- bar: choice of various pillows
  • Reading corner: choice of different books with comfortable seating and tea corner
  • Free internet or wi-fi service
  • Lending service (hiking map, umbrella, reading glasses, power plugs…)


Employees Participation

  •  You want to hire employees that can show real (authentic) kindness
  • Competent and qualified for their position
  • Trustworthy and can keep promises
  • Empathetic – can listen attentively
  • Management of complaints is focused on customer
  • Are able to remember the customer might not always be right but try to make them feel as if they are.


Guests Departure

  • Friendly and fast check-out
  • Thank you & Goodbye
  • Never let you guest leave empty handed.
  • Wish them a nice homeward journey and look forward to seeing them when they return.


Down the Road

  • Follow up on any problems or issues that your guest may have had. To recognise problems is the right step to finding a solution
  • Send information about new offers by email and post



In this podcast, I talked about customer service for when your guests arrive, during their stay, their departure and after they when they are home.

That is our time for today.


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