To be a successful hospitality property role model for your employees, you need to have the right mindset strategy.

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Today we are going to talk about your people strategy.



The past number of years, it has been interesting to watch how many hospitality property owners changed their way of thinking. Due to the dramatic change in the economy, I saw a lot take on a negative mindset.


Let’s look at the downturn in the economy has an example of how we can change our and that of our employee’s negative mindset into a positive.


After the economy started to fall more than a few hotels failed because they did not keep up with the times.  Low occupancy rates caused belt-tightening to save money, and often one of the first effects was employee cutbacks. This was understandable, but quite often the remaining staff had to take on added duties, sometimes duties they were unprepared for. I had seen in many cases, where hotel management does not take the time to retrain the remaining staff causing a great deal of stress.


When your staff is not properly trained, overworked and stressed, it does not take long for your services to slide. When employees have extra duties and a little time, the idea of taking additional time to train does not seem feasible but any property wishing to remain competitive and successful has to make training the top priority.


The number of customers staying with you might not be as high as you want or need, but those customers who do you stay your property expect good service.


When there has been a cutback in staff, management has to take the time to re-interview the remaining employees and determine their strengths and weaknesses.


In times of economic slowdowns, you might have seen your staff having to take on duties they had done when they first started. Making this kind of change without the proper communication could lead to disgruntled employees. This is where it is very important to hold a staff meeting and explain the situation.  You need to explain that times are tough but your goal is to keep your property open and the remaining staff employed.


Most often, employees will be happy they still have a job.


It is at this time you have to enforce the importance of teamwork and I don’t just mean the front line employees.  That is everybody, from the owner down.


If employees see the owner and management pulling together in all aspects of the property operation, more often than not, a sense of loyalty will shine through and you’ll see everyone putting forth a little extra effort to help the business keep going through the tough times.  If you continue, to be honest with your employees, sharing how you see the future, it’ll often give them a clear mindset and the desire to help the business through the rough times.


It is at times like this, being supportive of your staff is imperative. Some things to consider:

  • If staff have extra duties, don’t be a stickler for an exact time schedule.
  • Give them the freedom to make decisions when it comes to customer service and back their decisions.
  • Remain positive


As the owner, you will be your employee’s source of inspiration and the best way to show inspiration is by your own personal work habits.


Take a long hard look at yourself. The work you do and the way you do what it is a reflection of who you are.

  • If disorderly at your work, it’s because you’re disorderly inside.
  • If you’re always late, it’s because you are late inside.
  • If you are jaded with your work, it’s because you are jaded inside.

If you’re not the role model you wish your employees to follow, you need to change your mindset?


A strategic mindset.

Where do you start?  By following the following phases.

Phase 1: What Do I Want My Business to Become?

Phase 2: What is My Business?

Phase 3: Set a Goal

Phase 4: Implement Your Goal

Phase 5: Gage and Evaluate Your Progress

Phase 6: Revisit

I recommend you find the time to consider each phrase. At least an hour each.


Clearly, I realise the first time you do this, that some strategy sessions –phases,  will take longer than the one-hour,  however, by revisiting these phases a few times and becoming comfortable with the process, it will be of incredible benefit when it comes to major strategizing for your business.


Has this activity a real value?  

If you have a clear vision of who you are and what your business is, as well as the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, your business will have a purpose.

So you might ask “how can I use this mindset strategy to demonstrate the importance of even the most menial tasks in our day-to-day operation?”

Share with your employees the different phases and how they work to achieving the goal.  Show them how even the most menial work can be a piece of art when done by an artist.  Show them how they can look at each job, each task as one with a goal, and by reaching this goal gain a sense of pride.

Every job, every task is important to the vision of your property and every employee’s contribution is important to reaching your goals.

There is no such thing as undesirable work, but there could be employees who see certain kinds of work as undesirable.  By relaying the importance of every job and giving your staff an opportunity to shine, they will stop looking at their work as punishment but instead as an opportunity to see themselves as they really are.


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