Should independent hotel, inn, bed & breakfasts and resort owners have a mission statement for their properties?

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Over the years, I have asked many Independent Hotel, Inn, Bed & Breakfasts and resort owners if they had a mission statement, why they wanted to be in the hospitality property industry and I’ve heard a range of answers.

  • I love people
  • the service industry is wonderful
  • it’s a great way to make money and on and on and on.


Do you think these answers good are enough to inspire employees and guests to take action?

I feel like with these answers, it would be hard to inspire anyone to get excited and take action. To promote your property or book a room.


So how do you answer this question?


What is the real reason you wanted to be in the hospitality property industry?

What was your vision?


If you think about it, your vision has to have an essential role in the shaping of your business.

Your vision should remind you of what to focus on when you wake up every morning. It is central, the heart and soul of your description when describing your dream to guests.


Actually, it even goes deeper than that.


Your vision can affect how you present yourself, and how you make decisions.

It affects the quality of people who want to work for you, which can make or break your business.

You might ask “How do I even begin to find this type of statement?”


It might be helpful to know the difference between a Mission Statement and a vision.

A Mission Statement outlines the company’s business, its goals and its method to reach those goals.

A Vision Statement explains the desired future position of the business.


It is quite alright for a business to combine both elements to provide a statement of the company’s purposes, goals, and values.

At first, coming up with a statement might feel abstract and all over the place. It could be very difficult to expressive into words and other people might not get it.

Think back to times in your life when you were the happiest and you felt content. What was happening, who was around you. Think about how you felt and the words you would use to describe that point in time.

This is the type of language you would use to write your Properties Mission Statement.

You will soon realise that the words will be describing a feeling rather than a description.

You will also realise that a statement with emotions, feelings, and passions will inspire both customers and employees.


We feel our mission statement at Keystone HDC encapsulates who we are.

“We want to contribute, with patients and caring to a strategic vision for every Hotel, Inn, Bed & Breakfast, and Resort wishing to create a happy and fulfilling experience for their clientele and employees.”


So my answer to “Do I Need a Mission Statement for My Hospitality Property?”


The answer is “Yes”


I hope this has given you a little food for thought and has inspired you to step back and think about why you want to be in the hospitality property industry.


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