What is the best way to promote my property?

Does promoting my property have to be expensive?

Today we are going to look a few important factors to consider when promoting your property.

What should you promote?

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Identify and promote items that make the biggest margins as well as items that might encourage follow-up sales. Make sure your staff fully understands the products or services and I don’t only mean the front office staff but all staff.


It is important that your promotional material is visible and attracting to the eye. Stay consistent when promoting, whether it be on your website, social media, signage on your property or email promotions. Update your site promotional information weekly or even daily to get guests’ attention. Advertise promotions in advance and promote today’s specials.


Promote forthcoming events to your past clients so they know what you’ve got coming up in the future. This could prompt a return visit and they might pass the details on to friends or colleagues.


Be descriptive on your promotional materials, and menus. Draw in as many senses as you can and make things sound irresistible.


Give your clients a reason to return by extending exclusive promotions and vouchers for a return visit.  I have been asked if it would be wise to make these promotions transferable for your clients to pass on to friends.


Absolutely! I would however, enforce a time limit to prompt action.


Slashing your room rates as a way to promote is not a great idea. This could be imitated by any of your competitors devaluing your offer. You might also find a backlash if you try to put prices back up again at a later date. Stick to add on promotions.


Make sure your promotional material conveys the right message.  It is important that it is consistent with your image and values as well as your products or services.


Again, remember that when possible use as much senses and emotion as you can in your promotional material. If what you are promoting is exclusive and luxurious, make sure the wording, the style and quality of the promotional material also looks exclusive and feels luxurious.


Target your promotions to specific customer profiles and to do this properly you should have the right booking system in place. This will make sure anything you send is targeted and personalised to the correct target audience. It is okay to launch a new promotion slowly, build up a bit of suspense. Tantalize the taste buds. People hate to think they are missing out on something and this method could help keep them enthralled.


Get creative with your promotions. You can look at what your competition is doing but don’t copy it.  You want your to stand out so be unique. To give people an incentive to come and visit you need to be exciting, make it worthwhile and enticing.


Set up joint ventures with other businesses or people to either share resources or help each other out. Make sure you promote to each other’s lists.


This may sound strange but collaborate with competitors. Your guests won’t necessarily want to eat with you every night, so where do you recommend? What other hotels or restaurants may have complementary offers, or can you refer people to when you are full and vice versa.


Promoting is an ongoing process and can be done as a matter of course so it would not be expensive but it is important to stay consistent.


Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.

Seth Godin


Okay this was a look at a few important factors when promoting.


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Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.



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