Have you thought of opening a Bed & Breakfast?

Do you know what you need to operate a Bed & Breakfast?


You might be thinking;

“I live in a nice house, am in a lovely location and I am interested in making a little extra money. I should open the Bed & Breakfast.”


Before you start you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • Is my home really in a suitable location?
  • What makes my home unique or captivating?
  • Is my family ready to have strangers stay in the house?
  • Do I like being with people?
  • Am I a good host, enjoy conversing and have strong listening skills?


If you have answered these questions positively, take a step back and look at owning a bed & breakfast objectively.

Look at it from the travellers or tourist’s perspective, the house, the rooms, what is there to do. Ask friends and family for the opinions.


The next questions you should ask.


Do I have you the money needed?

Are there renovations required to make sure the operation works, your family and your guests?

Are the rooms going to be theme designed or with a certain furniture style? Might you need new or more furnishings?


Do I have the time and skills needed?

Talk with other bed and breakfast owners or experts in the hospitality industry to get a feel of what you will be facing.


Do I take pleasure in keeping a tasteful and clean home?

You know what it’s like when you go into to somebody else’s home and you see dirt the corners or clothes piled up. It’s not very appealing and a good way to lose return clientele.


Am I organized?

And what I mean by this are you able to:

  • design and keep schedules
  • managing, accounting and bookkeeping
  • understand marketing
  • research the demand and competition
  • keep up reservations


Do I have realistic expectations?

This is not get-rich-quick operations and the hours can be long.


These are the basic questions you should ask and answer before moving forward.

Please do not look at these questions as a deterrent but instead a way to set reasonable expectations for what can be really fun and rewarding career.


What is the next step…


We here at Keystone Hospitality Development Consulting have created a Bed & Breakfast Training Tutorial Series to give you an advantage in operating you Hospitality Property.


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The videos are not long and will give you a little more detail for what you can expect as a bed & breakfast owner.


The series will include tutorials on:


  • Who Will Benefit Independent Hotel and Bed & Breakfast Training
  • Do You Wish to Improve Your Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts Organizational Structure?
  • Customer Service and Your Hotel or Bed & Breakfast
  • Marketing Your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast
  • Social Media and Your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

The techniques you will learn from this series will help you start a quality business, share how to offer great customer service and give you a jump start with your marketing plans.

We will be interested to hear your thoughts


If you have any stories about starting a bed & breakfast and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section or visit our website.




Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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