Today’s video is about ways to make you’re your property unique.

What do I mean by unique?

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We have all visited properties that have friendly staff, nice rooms, a good view, and a nice breakfast. There is nothing wrong with these properties and you feel satisfied paying. You have what you paid for. But does this make this property unique?


I am sorry to tell you, no!


These should be the minimum standards a property would strive for, understanding that sometimes a good view might not be possible.


So what can you do to go the extra step, to make your property unique?

Make sure your property is inviting, look at your property from guest’s perspective:

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  • Is your entrance is well lit; with a welcoming, attractive company sign is posted.
  • Is it easy for your guests to park and get to the front door without getting soaked if it’s raining?
  • Is it easy to get luggage through the front door?
  • Are your guests welcomed with a smiling face and help if necessary?
  • Are your guests treated the way you would want your grandparents treated?
  • Are there specializes in your region that could be unique to your hotel that guests can take home or share with others? Etc. fruits, maple sugar, woodcarving, wine glasses with the properties name etched into them. These are items could be available to sample or buy?



Look for any negatives;

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  • Is the reception or lobby area cluttered?
  • Is the signage out of date or worn?
  • Is the carpet frayed?



These first impressions might not be worth mentioning by guests but might stay in the subconscious and affect their decision to return again or not.


To make this inspection easier, use the Keystone HDC “A Property Inspection Form”. If you do not have it yet, you can find a link at the show notes for this episode at under the “How to Make Your Property Unique”.


Ensure you have a simple and seamless registration system.


Tell an interesting story. What makes your hotel unique? Is there an historical or family store you can share? This can be done in the form of small booklet or a postcard your guests can take with them.


Encourage your guests to send your photographs they have taken during their stay and if suitable, post them on your websites gallery.


Have lots of pictures showing every angle of your rooms and property, as well as videos on your website. Let the guests know exactly what they’re going to see or where they have been.


I mentioned in the past post to send a personalized follow-up thank you card a few days after your guest’s departure. I know this may seem like a lot of work but if you calculate the revenue from return business against the time it takes to write the cards, you will soon find that is more than worth it.


Develop systems to collect your guest’s emails through surveys, contests, or by just asking.


Stay in touch with offers and incentives, but don’t make the mistake of always trying to sell. Share knowledge of your area and let your guests know what’s going on in your region or send them a copy of your great aunt’s favourite cookie recipe.


Know where you can see reviews for your property, such as your website or property booking engines and review them often.


Don’t be afraid of reviews and deal with any negative, quickly.


It is much easier and less expensive to regain the customer you had and lost, than to gain a new customer.


In the next video, we will carry on with more ways to make your property unique, in the meantime if you have any interesting stories about unique properties you have seen or the way you have made your own property unique and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.


A pdf of each episode can also be found in the show notes of our website.


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.



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