Do you have a hotel restaurant at your property that sits empty most of the day?

Do the local population patronize your hotel restaurant?  

Would you like extra income from your hotel restaurant help your bottom line?


This will be hard to achieve but if you make sure the menu is realistic and stay consistent, you might have a chance at additional profit.

So let look at a list of some ways you can make this work.

Create a new identity and theme for your hotel restaurant.  Move away from the idea that the restaurant is part of the hotel, instead promote to the local market as a separate property.

Create the right looking restaurant menu. To do this, you have to know your target market, the age group and the preference.

Create the right looking menu

If it is a younger clientele, then a bright, easy to read design will be the right choice. But if you are trying to attract the more serious business and office workers, go for a stylish or professional style.


Keep your website to the basics:

  • Home Page
  • Menus Online
  • About us page (should be unique and make you stand out from the crowd. Show your potential customers how friendly and professional your team is.
  • Contact form (It should be an easy-to-use contact or feedback form with not only a space for email address and phone number but also a field that help you narrow down why the person is trying to contact you.
  • A map showing the location of your hotel restaurant.
  • You can also add a review page in order to show your visitors what people say about your restaurant.

Choosing the right menu colour scheme for your menu can be important. Today, you can see a full spectrum of colours on restaurant websites but you might have noticed that the most consistent colours are brown, white, red and black. The reasons for this are:

Setting up your websites color scheme

  • Brown color symbolizes tradition, reliability & stability
  • White gives a feeling of freshness & purity
  • Black is associated with the power of creation & mystery and photographed meals look wonderful on a black background.
  • The color red is the symbol of passion and secret desires. Colours can influence a user’s behaviour, so use this knowledge when choosing your menu colour.

When designing your properties website use high quality images. Making images look delicious can arouse an appetite and awaken a desire to try them out. Also, add some interior photos to convey the cozy atmosphere that prevails in your restaurant.

Use local suppliers and state this in detail on your menu. As you build a relationship with your suppliers, ask them to promote your hotel restaurant.

Build your restaurant’s reputation as a destination restaurant and attract foodies looking for a weekend away. This can be done by offering specialized cooking classes or seminars. Theme nights, music events, wine weekends and the like can also increase your profile.

Keep your menus seasonal and change regularly to keep both your customers and staff excited. Include your staff when changing the menu by letting them sample any new selections and listening to their suggestions. If staff feel included, they are more vested and likely to promote selections both in and outside the hotel restaurant.

Find out who the local big business people are and invite them in for a familiarization dinner and then target them for corporate functions. People who visit for the office Christmas party and are impressed are likely to return again.

Contact other local hotels and make sure they have your restaurants information, including menus. It would also be very useful to invite other hotel head concierge, front desk staff and local tour operators for a free meal.

Word of mouth is priceless.

Be sure you’re in local published guides.

travel guides

Make sure each guest receives a warm welcome and go the extra mile to make the experience memorable, one they will want to share with their friends.

Gather customer data such as addresses, e-mails and mobile numbers and then use your database to encourage repeat business through loyalty cards, e-mail newsletters, and SMS text messaging of special offers. This can be done through contests or offers of free recipes on a mailing list.

Use social media to let your visitors follow your news, menu changes, and special events.  Be friendly with your customers and they will act in the same way.

Use the local press and internet to advertise your restaurant. But make sure your promotion offers something tangible that will appeal to locals, encouraging them to make the trip out to visit you.

Consider the access to your hotel restaurant. Is there good signage and are they illuminated? Is car parking easy?

car parking

Offer discounts specials to large employers in the area. Ask them to promote the offer in their company’s staff room. Put a time limit on the discount to encourage people to use it sooner rather than later.

Another inexpensive way to gain publicity is to offer a prize of a dinner at your restaurant to local charities, school events or sports teams. You might get a write-up in newsletters and publicity at the actual event.

Hopefully, this is enough to get your juices flowing. Don’t let profit blow out the window by letting your hotel restaurant sit empty.

If you have any stories about ways you have improved your hotel restaurant and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section or visit our website

Lets work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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