Are you a proprietor of an Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfast?

Do you have a problem finding great employees?

Do you feel like you would need to clone yourself to get everything done the way you like?


Unfortunately, we do not reside in a perfect world; cloning isn’t a scientific option and usually there’s not sufficient time in a day for you to handle all aspects of your property.


There are times you will require help.


So how can you find the great employees? Employees who share your philosophy. Employees who’ll care for your guests? Employees who will be willing to bend over backwards when offering service and have great attention to detail?


Let’s look at where one can start.


When you’re advertising a position in print or online, don’t waste your efforts interviewing everyone who sends in an application. We have a method to eliminate many applicants with a simple technique when writing you ad. In the job description, instruct, to anyone replying, to add a certain word or phrase in their cover letter. It could be any word or phrase you have placed in the ad. For example: football or Volkswagen.



Here is where this makes sense …


Whenever you receive the applications and are reviewing, discard those that have not included the word or phrases within the cover letter. The applicants that did include the word or phrases have demonstrated awareness to detail and they are the people you want to begin with.


For the first interview, bring in all your candidates in together. Start with your business’s history, experience and philosophy, then provide the candidates your properties & responsibility guidelines to review.

The second interview should be done with each applicant individually. Discuss their reactions to and feelings about the guidelines, along with their background and experience. At this meeting, each applicant should be asked why they believe they’re right for the position and share what they feel are the Qualities of a Good Employee.


The next phase is very important; role play with situations they’ll probably encounter at any property. Let them know that you don’t want them to respond the way they think you want them to respond, but to react how they feel might be right.


This should be done for every position at your property. You need to know your priority is customer service and one of the attributes of a great employee is that they will embrace this. As studies show that the better the customer service the greater the profits.


Hiring people who show, kindness and humility should be near the top of your List of Work Attributes.


“Wait a minute!” You may be thinking. “Isn’t experience more valuable?”


Emotional skill cannot be taught, you can’t give employees the desire to bend over backwards for customers.


Hire for emotional skills, trains for the others.
This doesn’t end there …


• First day of employee training for a new staff should start with a meeting with you.
• A review of the properties policies.
• Let them know they are part of your facilities family and that you are there to support them.
• Take the new employee on the tour of the facilities, highlighting people and systems at work.
• Answering clearly and fully all of the employee’s questions
• Issue the employee their uniform along with a copy of the Operations Manual
• Review the Operations Manual
• Review contract of the employee’s position
• Complete the employment papers


For the very best ongoing results … offer ongoing employee training, support your employees and they will become great employees.


A client isn’t always right however they should feel like they are. For this to work, a customer needs to feel the employee is on their side and if you permit your employees the flexibility to handle situations the way they see fit, they’re going to have the ability to look for customer service opportunities and WOW your guests.

When leaving your property, customers should not just leave your property satisfied, but happy and excited about the prospect of returning. This is easier accomplish if you have great employees.


If you have any stories about great employees, ways you have found great employees, your Operations Manual or your employee training, I’d love to hear them.


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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