Hospitality Properties are Facing Major Challenges

As a property owner/manager in the hospitality industry, you know that your business is susceptible to many unexpected changes like political unpredictability, pollution’s, natural catastrophes, disease etc. that can be difficult, if not impossible to control.

There are also many changes that take place that can be controlled not only to help you stay competitive but to ensure you have your fair share of the market.


Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and despite ups and downs, it will continue to grow. So, are you on top of some of the major challenges that face the hospitality property industry?


Let’s take a look at what they include:


#1. A website not properly optimised

Nowadays, 40% of the world’s population or 3.2 billion people have internet access and online booking is now the wave of the future.


According to

Percent of all travel reservations made on the internet 57 %

Percent of same-day hotel reservations made from a smartphone 65 %


And this percentage is only going to increase.


As a hospitality property owner/manager, you have to ask yourself “Is my website optimised?”

Hospitality Property Website Optimisation

Having a property website is imperative, but how many hospitality property websites are optimised? By this I mean to be effective, and as useful as possible. Over the years I have commonly seen the following mistakes:


  • Not having a direct booking option on most pages


  • No appropriate promotions page


  • Properties not rewarding customers for booking on their website


  • Not promoting anything that makes them exceptional.


  • Not optimised for smartphones & tablets


  • Not have a yearlong marketing strategy in place.



#2 Not knowing the costs

A good hospitality property owner/manager know the importance on focusing their marketing on trying to attract the right demographic, their ideal guest. They do this by adding value to a guest’s stay.


Many owners/managers do not have a true appreciation of their costs and will accept any business that comes their way, giving away huge discounts even if they lose income. They do not realise that not every piece of business is worth it.


Running a hospitality property is a business and there is nothing wrong with making a profit on your rooms, meals, and services but to do this, you have to know your costs.

Know Your Costs

By determining what your customers needs, then designing & promoting special offers with the right pitch, language, and design, your offers will make a vast difference and help get your ideal guest.



#3 Not Paying Attention or Ignoring Social Media & Online Reviews

As much as some hoteliers would like to think, the power of social media & online reviews cannot be ignored. With over 55% of all hospitality property bookings made online, it astonishes me why many properties don’t bother to stay on top of their online status and online reviews are becoming the lifeblood of a hospitality properties brand.


It is impossible to ignore the crushing power and sway a business online presence. Without tracking what guests are saying online about a property, their products & services or comparing themselves to their competition, it is tough to see what you guests see as issues and how they can be improved.



#4 No proper data investigation

Analysing your website, social media, and clientele should all be part of your continuing operation. Without proper analysis, you might be wasting your marketing budget or missing out on your customer’s needs.


Without the proper analysis, many properties dismiss the idea they have issues and without this realisation, problems are nearly impossible to fix or improve on.


The bottom line is that when you lack this information, and not focusing your energy and marketing budgets where you are achieving the most positive results, you are throwing profits out the window.


#5 Not investing in organisational structure and employees

By not developing a structured organisational system or properly training your employees, the effects can not only be destructive to your businesses reputation but also your bottom line.


Employing the daughter of a friend or a nephew is not a problem, but you have to make sure they are the right fit and receive the right guidance.


In the service industry, the personal exchanges with guests are still the most significant, the most remembered and commented upon. Word-of-mouth also plays a huge role in driving sales, true hospitality will certainly get mentioned in discussions between family and friends.


You also have to give your employees the proper tools to do the job. Giving employees the responsibility to work at your property without a standardised system of rules & guidelines and expecting them to learn on their own, is a recipe for disaster.


Anyone trying to live up to a hospitality properties standards when there are no standards, will not only have a damaging impact on your business but will also ensure lost income.


#6 Understanding your clients travel patterns

In the last decade, people’s travel patterns have changed dramatically and played a large role on the impact of market rules.

Traveller Patterns

In today’s economic environment, many hospitality properties are not, but should be paying attention to their costs and operational efficiency. As an owner/manager, now to more than ever you should be focused on individualised customer needs and requirements.


Doing it the same way today, just because that’s the way it has always be done, will not cut it anymore.


With new technologies, transportation variations, networking innovations, learning opportunities, robotization of hotel processes, hospitality properties challenges are not going to disappear but instead steadily increase. It is up to owner /manager, who wishes to stay competitive and successful to stay on top of these challenges.



If you have any stories about your hospitality property challenges and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section.


Let’s work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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