Is customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of your business?

How do you find out whether your customers are satisfied?

In this video we are going to take a look at customer surveys.


So again, how do you find out whether your customers are satisfied?


The best way..… ask them.


When is the best time to conduct a hotel guest survey? In a perfect world, it is when the experience is fresh in your customers’ mind.


If you wait, the customers’ response may be less accurate as they may have forgotten some of the details. So if possible you want your customer to fill out your survey just before or as they are departing.


What should you ask?

You want to know what is not working and what is working, so you can change what is not working and keep doing or even improve on what is working.


You want to ask the basic questions such as:

How satisfied are you with your visit?
How satisfied are you with the service you received?
How satisfied are you with our company on the whole?


But also want to ask more commitment questions:

Would you stay with us again?
Would you recommend our property to others?
Would you recommend our company to others?
How did your stay make you feel?
Was your stay worth the rate you paid?
And then ask your customers if there was anything else they liked or didn’t like about your property or your service.


You might also want them to rate the following:

How was the overall cleanliness and physical condition of your guest room?

How was your overall dining experience if you dined during your stay?

How were the Leisure and Fitness Facilities? (If applicable)

During your stay did you experience any problems? Was it handled to your satisfaction?

Compared to other similarly priced hotels, how would you rate this hotel overall?

This is all very useful information.


How Often Should You Conduct a Hotel Survey? 

The best answer is often enough to get the most information, but not so often as to upset the customer. If you have regular customers quite often you are able to get valuable feedback while just chatting.


Another source of feedback that cannot be overlooked is the online review.

These reviews can give you rich data about guest satisfaction.


The TripBarometer Survey states that 93% of travellers all over the world say online reviews have an influence on their booking choice, so it is important to know where your property is being reviewed and to stay on top of all comments. Positive and negative.


For property owners who worry what they might read in the survey feedback, you might as well get over it. With the internet and social media, all this information is already being shared publicly.  The reality is that your guests by now are writing and reading online reviews, tweets and posts about your property.


Don’t despair; use these as an opportunity to allow you to connect with guests and access data not only about your hotel, but also your competition.


In its own right that is valuable information.


That’s a look at customer surveys and reviews…


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Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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