In the past we have looked at such topics that have included the importance of mission statements, setting up your organization, ways to wow your customers, and ways to make your property unique.

These are all things you can start doing today for today.

You might have asked yourself

“What is the future of the hospitality property industry?”

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In the next couple of podcasts will look at the upcoming trends for the industry.

(These are in no particular order of importance, just what many experts see as the future).


Bathrooms, yes I said bathrooms. It’s going to be important to have bathrooms that are big enough to move around. A practical design so there is enough space for your products in both the shower and on the counter.  Bathrooms of the future will be larger and in some cases large enough to be configured into two bathrooms so guests can have their own private space.


Offer Learning Experiences at your property. 
By offering creative classes at your site, even begin to attract a niche following. Some examples that I’ve seen have included cooking and dining with wine pairing; art appreciation; storytelling (in our age of mobile and technical devices, this trend has found new light). Overnight or multi-day packages can be designed around such classes.


I have alluded to this in the past, but the one-of-a-kind takeaway gifts for your guests will be a must. What I mean is one-of-a-kind souvenirs inspired by the history and culture of the property. Partner with local businesses to find specialty items unique to your area; such as, easy-to-pack homemade chocolates, handmade botanical soaps, hand cream, wineglasses with your hotel’s logo etched into them. Here’s your opportunity to be creative.


Photo-Sharing on sites like Pinterest and Instagram.  By keeping these sites updated with cool content through images, you have a powerful way to visually communicate lifestyle messages for your hospitality business. Hotels will be presented a unique opportunity to collect and highlight the very best of their properties through their own digital channels.


Unrehearsed Marketing Videos. Video is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on web visitors and the opportunities to use videos are endless. Video is becoming an even more vital element in a hotel marketer’s arsenal with more and more people viewing and sharing videos online.


This doesn’t have to be a literal walk-through of your lobby and rooms but highlight the uniqueness of your property. It could also showcase interesting and useful information from your region. Try different ways of presenting; include interviews, reviews, and coverage of special events, activities or nearby attractions.


The use of social media is a must and content marketing will replace traditional advertising.


Brands recognition through the engagement of meaningful content is growing by leaps and bounds in part because of growth of social media. This gives properties the ability to have meaningful conversations with a loyal fan base and potential clients alike.


What do I mean by meaningful content?


Investing in media tools like blogs, facebook, twitter, newsletters, webinars, ebooks, photo-sharing, or videos and shared media. This might sound like a huge investment about using these tools wisely you’ll drastically reduce the hefty investments in traditional paid media.


Next week we will continue our look at new trends.


If you have any interesting stories about new trends and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.  A pdf of each episode can also be found in the show notes at our website.


Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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