Are you a good example for your Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees?

If you have a organisational strategy in place, are relaxed with all your guests and also have taken time to employ great employees, your work ethic will reflect on your Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees and your day-to-day operation.

If you’re disorderly, always late or feel lackluster at the workplace, it will also reflect on your staff and your day-to-day operation.

So, exactly what does this suggest?

The work ethic you have is a reflection of who you really are.

If you’re not the role model you wish your staff to follow, how could you start changing the way you think, your mindset? What facets of your way of life you would want to change.

Some possibilities include.

• Procrastination
• Failing to follow through
• Being loud and inpatient
• Feeling overwhelmed

Several traits could be the cause root of drudgery; dull, irksome, and fatiguing work that can leave you uninspired. Often drudgery is not result of an undesirable business concept or insufficient planning, it might mean you don’t have the right strategic mindset.

The last number of years has been an interesting study in many hospitality property owners way of thinking, an adverse mindset due to dramatic change in the economy as well as in the hospitality property culture. So, let’s look at the downturn of the economy has an example of may change our mindset and that of our employees.

Once the economy began to fall, many Independent Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts failed because they didn’t keep up with the changes. Low occupancy rates caused belt tightening to save money and quite often, one of the first affects was employee cutbacks. This was understandable, but frequently the Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees that remained needed to accept added duties, sometimes duties they were unprepared for. I’d noticed in many cases, were Hotel and Bed & Breakfast management did not take time to re-train the remaining staff.

This caused a lot of stress.

When your staff are not well-trained, overworked and stressed, it does not take long the work ethic and services to slide.

When employees have extra duties and little time, the thought of taking added time to teach doesn’t seem feasible, but any property wanting to remain competitive and successful must make training the top priority.
The clientele numbers you’re attracting might not be as high as you would like or need, but the guests who do take advantage of your property, expect good service. This is where management has to take the time to re-interview their staff and determine their strengths and weaknesses.

In times of economic slowdowns, you might have your Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees again handle duties they’d done when they first started. Making this sort of change without the proper communication might lead to disgruntled employees. This is where it is important to hold a staff meeting and explain your situation. You explain that times are tough but your goal is to keep your property open and the remaining staff employed.

Usually, employees will agree to the changes and be happy they still have a job.

It’s at this time you need to enforce the importance of teamwork and I don’t just mean the front line employees. That’s everybody from the owner down. If Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees see the owner and management pulling together in all aspects of operating the property, most of the time,a sense of loyalty will shine through and you’ll see everyone putting forth some extra effort to aid the business throughout the difficult times. If you continue to be honest with your employees, sharing how you see the future, it’ll often give them a clear mindset, an increased work ethic and the wish to help the business throughout the rough times.
It’s at times such as this, being supportive to your team is imperative. A few things to think about:

• If staff have an extra duties, don’t be a stickler to an exact time schedule.
• Give them the freedom to make decisions when it comes to customer satisfaction and back their decisions.
• Remain positive

As the owner, your work ethic and organisational strategy will be your Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees source of inspiration and the the easy way show inspiration is by your own personal work habits.

Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Planning and developing activities are important to your businesses success: forecasting, budgeting, projecting sales and revenue, staff planning are all vital to meet your business commitments.

Being proactive will help you get into the right mindset.

If you have any inspirational stories about your work ethicorganisational strategy or ways you have been proactive with your Bed & Breakfast or Hotel Employees, I’d love to hear them.

You can leave a comment below or visit our website.

Lets work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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