In the last video we asked if your guests say WOW about your property.

We gave you 8 suggestions to help that happen. In this video we will give you 7 more ways to WOW Your Guests.

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  1. Ask the right questions during the check-in, in your restaurant; at the bar and listen to the answers but don’t make it obvious.

For example:

  • Have newspapers available at the front desk and ask what paper your guest likes to read.
  • Keep track of the drink they have if in your restaurant or bar.
  • Ask if they have a favourite coffee or tea.

These are questions or observations that can be made during casual conversation and without being obvious. Why? All these answers can be recorded in your guest’s profile to be used later.

  • During turn down service, leave their drink of choice in their room as a nightcap.
  • If possible, have their favourite coffee or tea for them for the next morning and the coffee machine time to start brewing the same time as their wake up call.
  • Have their favourite newspaper delivered to their room five minutes after their wake up call; just a light knock at the door and leave it.

Now, you might not be able to fulfill all these wishes and that is alright because the guest would not know it was happening but imaging the surprise if you can do one or any of these.


2.  During turn-down service leave simple hand written notes on the pillow such as “Sleep Tight” or “Sweet Dreams”.


3.  Ask your guests for feedback. Don’t assume your guests are completely satisfied, ask. Rectifying a problem might give you an opportunity to shine and leave a favourable imprint if addressed positively.

This is an opportunity to exceed expectations. Personal feedback will always win over a comments form or questionnaire. Inquire about what they liked and what disappointed them; you can always learn and continue to improve.

You could also ask them if they have any new ideas or for their recommendations on how things could be better. Clients will be flattered if you ask for their thoughts.


4. Follow up with a simple personalized handwritten thank you note tailored to them a few days later. This will not only show your appreciation, but it will give them something to remember you.


5. Keep in touch.  Stay in touch with them so that when they come to book again you are firmly fixed in their minds. As a function of your outreach, let them know what other activities you have going on or what is happening in your area. Utilize an email list as well as social media. Do your homework first and find out the best options to suit your guests.


6. Reward their loyalty with exclusive bargains. Make your faithful guests feel special by setting up exclusive packages or deals. Once again this will show your appreciation of their business, as well as possibly inspiring other bookings. As a loyal guest, the last thing you want to hear about is offers only targeting ‘new’ customers.


7. Think of the things that are of high value to your guests but affordable to you so you can give added value. Always look at a problem or complaint as an opportunity to go that extra mile to wow your guest.  Make it difficult for them to ever think about not coming back to you. It’s all about affording guests a reason to return.


If you have any stories about how you WOW Your Guests and would like to share, or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section. A pdf of this show can be found in the show notes.


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