Are to handling customer complaints properly important to your company?

Today we’ll look at 5 more ways for successfully handling customer complaints, so let’s begin where we left off at our last video.

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  1. Spending Time with Your Customers

I have mentioned a couple of times in the past how important it is to be visible with your customers and to be friendly with them. Whenever there is a problem, it should be handled as quickly as possible and it is easier for your customers not to feel anxious if they feel like they’re dealing with a friend.


On the other hand, unhappy or customers you do not have a relationship with more often than not want resolution yesterday. If this is the case make those customers your priority.


  1. Confirming an Issue and Verifying the Resolve

If you have a system in place were customers fill out an online form, make sure you have an automatic reply form notifying your customer that the form has been received and how much time it will take before the issue is answered or resolved. Nothing worse than filling out a form, hitting submit and not knowing whether it’s going to reach a real person or end up in a black hole.


When any issues are resolved, always end your response with the following inviting question “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”


This is a great habit to get into even when using email or on the telephone.


  1. Be Genuine!

Treat your customers like regular people. Never speak down to them or talk to them like you are a corporate stiff.  Don’t look at any conversation with the customer is a correspondence but instead a chat.


  1. Don’t Automatically Overcompensate – Ask

We all know that if you operate hospitality property, you work hard for your money. So don’t automatically throw freebies at your customers to resolve issues but instead ask them “What do you think would be fair?”


Yes I know if you’re dealing with a rip off customer they might use this opportunity to get whatever they can but most is other customers will likely ask for much less than you would have offered.


  1. We All Have Bad Days

Have you ever had a bad day we snapped at someone and later felt terrible? Well your customers do too. Don’t take it personally.


Even with the worst rip off customer you have to remember you cannot control how other people act, but your reaction, you can control.


Stay calm and remain in control knowing the next incredible customer is just around the corner.


That’s our look at 5 more ways to handle complaining customers…


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Let’s continue to work together to put heads in your beds.

Until next time, have a fun day.


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