Working with hotels for almost 25 years has given us at Keystone HDC us much awareness on the problems many hospitality properties encounter. These can vary from missing a poor review on Tripadvisor to a collapse of organizational structure.

The following are the top 5 challenges hotels we have found Independent Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Resorts face:

#1 Not Paying Attention or Ignoring Online Reviews

As much as some hoteliers would like to think, the power of social media cannot be ignored. With well over 50% of all hotel reservations are made online it surprises me why many hospitality properties don’t bother to keep on top of their online status.

Without tracking what guests are saying online about their products and services or comparing themselves to their competitors, it is difficult to see what you guests see as problems and how to improve.

#2 Not focusing on budget

Many independent hospitality property owners do not have a true understanding of their costs and will accept any business that comes their way, even if they are losing revenue. Running a hotel, bed & breakfast or resort is a business and there is nothing wrong with making a profit on your rooms, meals, and services but to do this, you have to know your costs.

#3 Not investing in organizational structure and employees

Not developing a structured organisation system for your business and properly training your employees can be devastating to your reputation and bottom line.

Hiring a nephew or the daughter of a friend is alright but you have to give them the proper tools to do the job.  Giving them responsibilities and expecting them to learn on their own, while living up to the hotels standards can have a damaging impact and loss of revenue.

#4 Website not optimized

We all know having a website for your property is imperative but how many hospitality property websites are optimized? The following are examples of what is commonly overlooked:

  • not having a promotions page
  • not rewarding guests booking on their website
  • not promoting the number one product
  • not being optimized for smartphones & tablets

#5 No proper data and analysis

Analysing your website, analysing your social media, analysing your clientele should all be part of your ongoing operation.

Without proper analysis you might be wasting your marketing budget or missing out on what your customers want.

Without the proper information many properties dismiss the idea they have issues and without this realisation problems are nearly impossible to fix or improve on.

The bottom line is that when you are lack on any of these you’re throwing profit out the window.


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