Practising positive thinking enables people to concentrate on their strengths as well as accomplishments that enhance contentment & motivation.

Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.
Today, I am going to look at “How to Become a Positive Thinker”.



Occasionally, life has a way of making us feel so small and breaking us down when something or someone gets in the way.


The truth is your mindset, the way you think, is usually what really makes the difference. Learning how to manage your thought patterns is what is going to keep you on the move when things fail to go as planned.



I am going to share 10 ways you can improve the way you think:

If you have listened to or read the past couple of podcasts or posts, some of these tips might feel redundant. There is a reason for that.


They work!


Practising positive thinking enables people to concentrate on their strengths as well as accomplishments that enhance contentment &motivation.



1. Taking Care of yourself
It is easier to stay positive while you are feeling well and by this I mean eating properly, exercising, and getting plenty of rest.



2. Start Your Day Off Strong
Your day’s effectiveness is normally determined in the first few morning hours. If you start by checking the Facebook newsfeed and emails when you get out of bed, you might not have control where the morning takes you. Front load your morning with an activity that will give you a positive mental focus. A brief brainstorming or workout session will help in keeping you right on track.



3. Take Control of What Goes In Your Head
Newspaper or tabloids? Learn to be proactive and disciplined about the things that you allow to go through your mind. We cannot make changes to our DNA but we can opt to be more vigilant about what sort of information we choose to consume.



4. Practice Gratitude
Recall what you are grateful for time and time again. Focus on the positive things as opposed to its negatives.



5. Search for the Proof rather than Making Assumptions
Have you ever felt that a friend, family member or colleague is upset with you because of something you have or may have done? Did you let these feeling fester? There is a way you can find out for sure – ask!


One way or another, at least you will know and then you can react accordingly.
Worry and not doing anything is a huge waste of your time.



6. Avoid Making use of Absolutes
Speaking and thinking in absolutes such as ‘always’ ( for example, You’re ALWAYS late ) and ‘never’ (for example, You NEVER contact me ) makes the situation appear even worse than it is, and forces your brain to believe that certain individuals are not capable of delivering.



7. Crush the “ANTs”
“ANTs”- automatic negative thoughts, are actually bad thoughts which are generally reactionary, such as “Those guys are laughing, they must be laughing at me,” or “The boss wishes to meet me? I must have messed up!”


When you recognize these types of thoughts, understand that they are simply ANTs and just crush them.



8. Practice Caring & Touching
You do not have to be a professional to understand the advantages of a great hug. Positive bodily contact with buddies, family members, and even domestic pets is an immediate pick-me-up. You do have to keep in mind when and when it is not appropriate, especially the workplace.



9. Enhance your Social Activity
By boosting social activities, you reduce solitude. If you surround yourself with happy, healthy people, and you will be affected by their positive energy.



10. Help Someone Else
Everybody feels great after helping. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you’re not only helping someone else grow but adding positive energy into the environment.



In Conclusion
So there you have it. The ten strategies have helped establish amazing positive momentum in the lives of many people. Come to terms with the reality that obstacles are inevitable but know that you can control the journey to finding your best self as a positive thinker.

If you have any stories about “ Positive Thinking” and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.



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