How do successful people deal with negativity and endure when things get hard. Learn how to become a positive thinker.

Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.

Today, I am going to look at “Why Your Business Might Be Failing & What You Need to Do”.




Are you stuck?


Is your competition is beating you out, are you having trouble with employees, is your marketing is not working the way it should, do you have lack the funds for renovations or even upkeep you’re probably like most people thinking that if you had the right breaks, more customers, better weather then you’d be making tons of money, right?



99% of your business success has nothing to do with the externals, it has to do with internals…..meaning you.


Your business is stuck, plateaued or broke because of you.


Yes, your business is a direct reflection of YOU and the way you think.


Are all the successful hospitality property owners or managers using the exact same marketing tactics, employee training, and business software or design strategy?




Some do research & know their target market, others outdoing their competition, and still, others doing things that are completely different. Everyone’s using different strategies to build their business.


Don’t you think it would be smarter to look at what each of these successful entrepreneurs DO have in common?


One thing I know for a FACT they have in common: their brains are wired for success! They think differently than all those who fail at business.


  • They see POSSIBILITIES when others see the problem.
  • They see LESSON when others see failure.
  • They think “why not?” when others say “why bother?”


Makes sense, right?


Well, if you’re still with me and you agree, read on.


This is so important because I don’t ever remember seeing a class in school, college or university on how to rewire your brain for success, or how to control your thoughts, do you?


Chances are, if you’re just working in a job, you don’t need to. But being an entrepreneur is a different story. If you’re going to make it at entrepreneurship, you need to be the best and most powerful version of you.


It’s hard. Competitive. And nothing is guaranteed in entrepreneurship. One thing I can guarantee is that without mastering your brain and your mindset you’re just not going to be as successful as you can be.


The next few posts, I am going to spotlight on the way you think, the way you look at problems and tips you can use to help you refocus.


These posts will not only pertain to the hospitality property industry but can be taken and used in all aspects of your life.



The next couple of podcast/posts I will look at:

  • How you can endure when things get hard
  • Ways to removing negativity from your life
  • Habits of successful people
  • Tips to improve your mindset and become a positive thinker


In Conclusion

The next series of podcasts/posts are very important to those of you who wish to develop techniques to work through difficult situations while you strengthen your positive attitude.


How do successful people deal with negativity and endure when things get hard. Learn how to become a positive thinker.


If you have any stories about “Why Your Business Might Be Failing & What You Need to Do” and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the show notes.


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